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Onna-Bugeisha plays a major role within the Samurai Saga. They are breeders, they are creators, and they are the ultimate warriors to join the great battle ahead alongside with the Cyborg Samurais. The Onna-Bugeisha holds the key to enhancing the Samurai Saga ecosystem.

NFT Staking
Each Onna-Bugeisha will be eligible to join forces with the Cyborg Samurais to harvest $GENKI tokens through Samurai Saga’ NFT staking system. The longer the duration, the more $GENKI tokens they will harvest.

Playable Character
Onna-Bugeisha warriors are added into the upcoming, play-to-earn game as a playable character. To unlock this class with a different set of attributes, skills and gaming experience, an Onna-Bugeisha NFT is required.

Breeding Teens Samurais
Onna-Bugeisha is the lifeblood to the future Teens Samurais. They are required to give birth and create an army of the young and strong Teens Samurais to join the ultimate battle ahead.

This is how it all begone


It was the Year of the Rabbit. The rain was ceaseless, as everyone expected it to be during this epoch. For Aiko; however, it was ideal since the gravel washed away and the soil turned into mud. Her drilling equipment was no less elegant than her impenetrable silk armor. A minor muddy cloud and a gentle wheeze prefaced the commencement of her drilling into the entrance of the forsaken tunnels of Niji-Wa.

Upon entering the tunnel, she turned on the biosensors within her hair and nails. The feedback was deafening, but soon she was able to filter out the noise. She was looking for just one organism, and refused to let snails, bugs, or rats stand in her way. The necessary adjustments were made, and after a while – there it was. Initially weak, it grew definitively clear after some hundred steps closer; it was the biological signature of a Face-Stitcher monster.
It was the Year of the Rabbit, and it was common knowledge that most Kaiju sleep through the rain, dreaming of beautiful faces to steal. As silent as a ninja, Aiko advanced deeper underground, into enveloping darkness and moisture.

A vicious cry was followed by pints of blood, but Aiko didn’t mind. Its face was right there for her to grasp

The stench of its lair was strong and vile, and the Face-Stitcher’s snore was equally substantial. Aiko proceeded with utter caution. As she descended further into the tubular cave, a sudden shriek stunned her momentarily. The flashlights on her armor activated and as she pivoted, she could see the Face-Stitcher reaching out with its arms, just a meter away.  It was almost like she was standing in front of a mirror, her own face there within arm’s reach.  The Face-Stitcher shrieked again, fully aware that the Onna-Bugeisha in front of it was not a dream.
Aiko struck the monster wither Nytorino katana, easily piercing its chitinous chest.
A vicious cry was followed by pints of blood, but Aiko didn’t mind. Its face was right there for her to grasp, and this was occurring in the Year of the Rabbit, as it was prophesied. She touched the cheeks and lips stolen from her years ago. The Kaiju roared once more, forcing Aiko to take a step back. With its remaining strength, the monster sliced across its stolen face. It was now Aiko’s turn to shout.  Severed in two, the beauty of that face was lost forever, as was the last sliver of life in the Kaiju.
It was the Year of the Rabbit, and rain and tears drained into the ground.

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